MTB Fitness Training – 8 week

As an athlete, we understand and respect that each sport requires its own specific set of skills required to be able to perform at the pinnacle. This consideration has been given to our MTB fitness program. This program follows and 8-week duration building a sound base at the beginning of the program to being able to peak going into a competition.

What does it involve?

Injury Prevention: 
An emphasis on fine motor skills including balance and stabiliser muscle drills appropriate for injury prevention and performance in the sport.

Gym program:

100% tailored to your lifestyle, time, family and work restraints. This is 100% custom! After an initial consultation either online, phone or in person we will determine how to ensure you receive the best possible programming.

The gym program includes injury prevention in areas most commonly scene to be an issue. Building of power to be able to clear any object. Endurance and stamina building.

On-bike training: 
This can be modified to MTB training, road or a mixture of both. This can be formatted to be based of using a power metre if you have one or heart rate to ensure you are working to your optimum potential.

Like running jet fuel through your bike, your body is the same. Ensuring it fuelled correctly we educate you on how to get the most from what you eat and increase endurance and enhance performance.

Cross Training:
Not everything we do is in the gym. Cycling has been one of the staples of any pros training program but it’s not the be all and end all. We use our knowledge of periodization, frequency and intensities to allow you to make the most out of your time. It doesn’t mean riding mindlessly for 3 hour but rather using your heart rate zones to get the most out of your legs and lungs.

Mental Preparation:
 9 times out of 10 a racer can be the fastest to hit the track but when it comes to the grind they flake. It’s very common and that’s the reason a lot of high profile sports persons spend thousands of dollars on psychologists. We incorporate mental preparation and relaxation techniques into our mx program to ensure the athlete is being treated as a whole. We believe that with the correct mind set and athlete can already beat their competitors before they start for practice.

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NOW $300