We believe that knowledge is power and to be able to use that knowledge to your advantage is paramount. We love education and offer our services to any sporting or corporate group wishing to expand their employees or member’s potential.

With a strong belief and life built around the importance of health and fitness we strive in education the next generation to do the same. Having presented in front of University students, high school students and numerous sporting clubs the response was phenomenal. Depending on the audience that we are seeing our presentations can be 100% tailored.

Sporting Clubs

From a local sporting club wishing to educate members on the importance of stretching and warming up.

Injury prevention techniques or even among coaches on implementing specific training drills to make time spent at the grounds more efficient and improve players.


With experience in both the healthy population, high performance and rehabilitation settings.

We can offer a broader insight into the types of jobs that maybe possible for the workforce of tomorrow. With presentations at careers days shedding light on the practical applications of high school subjects in a way that they may have never though before.

Like the application of physics to applied sport science and training elite football players.

To chemistry and biology and how it can be incorporated into the rehabilitation program for someone suffering chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and type 2 diabetes.


Corporate work spaces, where the importance of a healthy lifestyle can often be overpowered by the desire to excel in the workplace.

Implementing short 45-minute exercise programs before work to boost team productivity, to education on stretching and ways to reduce