Motocross / MX Training Program

$20.00 / per Week

Our motocross training program is a completely personalised training program covering everything from in the gym, on the bike, psychological and nutritional aspects of competition. This program is made specifically for the MX and Enduro athletes. Following discussions, we can tailor this program to yourself and your needs 100%. This can be bundled with 1-1 and group training for a discounted rate.

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Motocross / MX Training Program

The Motocross training program incorporates every aspect of training for riders. From a daily workout session in the gym or outside, it is all catered for depending on your day to day life. Using structured workouts to avoid burnout but also progress the athlete you will not only get stronger but more in touch with your body and how you can better spend your time in the gym to benefit your riding. The aim of this program is to let the everyday athlete train like the pro’s do. This means you’re receiving constant feedback and communication with the coach, videos and technique advice as much as required and race day support. Training doesn’t need to be hard if you’re doing it smart.

What Does it Involve?

Gym training:
Following our proven training program we can guarantee that your time commitment will transfer to the track. Making you feel stronger and allow you to push harder right through to the end of the moto. Our selection of exercises ensure that you are not only increasing your strength but also training the energy systems involved in bike riding. This means you can ride to your full potential on race day, recover and commence training again the next day. Ride all day with your mates and not get left behind, or chase after your kids when they jump on their PW50 after you’ve just finished your 30 minutes on the track.

On-bike training:
This can be modified to MTB training, road or a mixture of both. This can be formatted to be based of using a power metre if you have one or heart rate to ensure you are working to your optimum potential.

Like running jet fuel through your bike, your body is the same. Ensuring it fuelled correctly we educate you on how to get the most from what you eat and increase endurance and enhance performance.

Cross Training:
Not everything we do is in the gym. Cycling has been one of the staples of any pros training program but it’s not the be all and end all. We use our knowledge of periodization, frequency and intensities to allow you to make the most out of your time. It doesn’t mean riding mindlessly for 3 hour but rather using your heart rate zones to get the most out of your legs and lungs.

Mental Preparation:
 9 times out of 10 a racer can be the fastest to hit the track but when it comes to the grind they flake. It’s very common and that’s the reason a lot of high profile sports persons spend thousands of dollars on psychologists. We incorporate mental preparation and relaxation techniques into our mx program to ensure the athlete is being treated as a whole. We believe that with the correct mind set and athlete can already beat their competitors before they start for practice.

Cost is $20 per week, cancel any time