Group Training

Monday and Wednesday nights 6pm – $20 per session.

We hold a group strength and conditioning session at a small fee. This is perfect for those that are currently training and want extra guided sessions with the encouragement of like-minded individuals. Groups are capped to ensure everyone is held accountable and monitored to achieve maximum results. These sessions can also be modified to add a competitive spin to training if the group is that way inclined. We cannot progress if we do not push ourselves beyond what we are capable.

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These group training sessions follow the same progression, deload and overload principles used to create our 1-1 programs but tailored to accommodate and be manipulated for a group setting. With all fitness levels and experience catered for there is always an option to have an exercise scaled back to ensure correct technique and appropriate progression is included.

For example:


Strong overload principle combined with high levels of cardiovascular training. This tapers down to high intensity, high load movements with the reduction in cardio training. 1 week out from a competition we will focus more on our mobility aspects to ensure that the athletes are still moving and optimising muscle memory without the accumulation of fatigue and other variables.

In season:

We follow a programming technique enabling us to not only maintain what has been built during the off season but continually build throughout the season with progressive overloads to ensure we are still able to race each weekend.