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8 Week Online Training Program

What does it involve?

A complete training program covering everything from in the gym, on the bike, psychological and nutritional aspects of competition. This program is perfect for someone from any warp of life. As it is fully customisable we plan your weeks, working around study, work, family, competition or even wedding.

The 8-week complete training program incorporates every aspect of training for riders. From a daily workout session in the gym or outside, it is all catered for depending on your day to day life. Using structured workouts to avoid burnout but also progress the athlete you will not only get stronger but more in touch with your body and how you can better spend your time in the gym to benefit your riding. Training doesn’t need to be hard if you’re doing it smart.

For those that aren’t riders we can work the program around your goals. As part of the questionnaires we discuss with the client what they wish to achieve both short and long term. We then discuss how we are going to get there and identify possible barriers or strengths that we can use to improve the process.

While not all our goals have a definitive end, we can set up checkpoints including dexa scans to measure body fat, muscle and metabolic levels. This can be used to ensure we are tracking in the right direction and improving your quality of life.