1 on 1 Training

Private training environment in our facility located on the Sunshine Coast to ensure that we are 100% on track throughout the season. This includes weekly training programs outside of our face to face sessions.

As an athlete, you’re not showing up to races to cruise around. You’ve got your goals and we want to help you reach them.

1 on 1 Training

Riding and practicing is not enough! You must have balance. Many of us don’t have the advantages of having a home track and working long hours especially in winter doesn’t help. With the incorporation of our program into your training you can still work efficiently in the direction specific to your goals with a minimal time commitment

We work with you to assist in balancing your weaknesses and making your strengths even stronger.

Your focus can be shifted to your bike and we will take care of everything else.

What does it involve?

Goal Setting : 
We work with the athletes to establish goals for the season to ensure we are constantly evolving and moving in the right direction. For our junior athletes, we endeavour to involve the parents as much as possible so that our knowledge is passed on and everyone is on the same page.

Biomechanical analysis 
As a standard we ensure our athletes move as efficiently and safely as possible. Using state of the art sport science technology we can identify areas of concern before they become a problem as well as teach the athlete the correct motions to prevent injury and increase performance faster.

Consistent support both during sessions and outside. We thrive of honesty and trust and we use this to build relationships with our athletes to make sure they are getting the best results they can and we aren’t dragging our knuckles.

Education and assistance in nutrition. During the week and on race days. Ensuring the body is adequately fuelled will get you through the toughest training days but also ensure we aren’t behind the 8-ball coming into a race weekend. This is tailored to each individual dependant on training loads, age, gender and other contributing variables.

Mental training :
We have proven techniques justified by peer reviewed scientific studies that we incorporate into training schedules and session to ensure that our athletes not only physically but mentally grow.